Sunday, June 8, 2008

You are what you eat, n'est pas?

As an avowed foodie, I put a lot of stock (har, har) into what other people cook and eat. And while the curious cat in me would love to poke in and around people's bookshelves, music libraries and dvd collections, what I really want to see is this:

...What, pray tell is in their fridge? And FridgeWatcher shows me just that. From all over the world people send in photos proudly displaying the contents of their refrigerator for all eyes to see. This particular image comes from a Seattleite's kitchen and I spot among the contents, Greek God yogurt (a little on the sweet side, I've found), Mango Chutney, Guinness (always a safe bet), Tomato paste (good in a pinch) and some red rounds of Babybel cheese (the perfect snack). I really enjoy noting the cultural differences in food from photo to photo and I'm always interested in the variety of packaging of things like milk, juice and condiments. The amount of alcohol and meat some people keep on hand is staggering in comparison with my own habits and I'm embarrassed at my vegetable drawer's barren cavity when I spot the folks who make the 5-a-day guideline a priority. Secretly too, it makes me want some sort of fancy imported fridge with handier compartments and specialized spots for bottles and cans. Ahh, fridge envy.

What's in your fridge?

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Mary T. said...

LOVE this. Our fridge is filled with leftover junk I need to throw out from our recent visitors, and mostly...nothing!