Monday, June 30, 2008

Green is the new black

This week over at Apartment Therapy's green kid-sister, Re-nest, they're searching for a new blogger to add to their roster of cool-hunting eco-chics.  And while I'm still in my nascent stages of blogging (this time around)- trying my hand at their challenge was a good way for me to see what kind of content-specific chops I might have.  Unfortunately with all the drama at work and the stifling heat this past weekend, the last thing I wanted to do was sit cross-legged reading blogs with my laptop slowing burning my thighs as the cooling fan worked to keep my hard drive from imploding.  So I didn't know about the challenge until today.  Monday.  The 30th.  And the deadline for submissions (two posts, with photos and a short bio)... uh... tomorrow.  Right.  

So I busted out a couple of short posts that I think were fun and would be interesting to their readers but I'm guessing I'll fall a bit short of the mark.  I think my tone may have been a bit too sales-y and a lot of their writing is of the "I just happened to notice this cool thing" vein.  But good practice all around.  Now that I'm heading into my second month of Properly Salted, I'd like to try and establish some semi-regular types of posts.   Cooking experiments always make for good times and I may throw in a couple of interviews just to spice things up.  But mostly it'll still be just me.  The same old Salty.  

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