Friday, June 6, 2008

Clever Girl

Bumbling about Anthropolgie, imagining a house filled with over-sized metal letters, turkish tea glasses made in China and an awkward profusion of faux-antique door knobs, I came across yet another book about mixed drinks. But before I could wonder why people can't seem to settle for the simplicity of beer, the illustrations caught my eye. It turns out, I may have to dig deep and learn to love martinis, whiskey sours and sidecars because Kat McLeod's illustrations in The Cocktail are fantastic.This Aussie illustrator has been generating plenty of blog buzz for the past few years and I'll tell you she's completely worth it. I deplore the use of "fierce" as some Project Runway fanbase declaration but I can find no other word to describe this blue lady below. Fierce. There. I said it.

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