Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pillow talk and Sinspiration

Et voila! I can finally show the finished product of all my hemming (har, har) and hawing about new fabrics and fancy sewing shops. Our new pillow covers have made their debut and critics are raving. And it only took me three hours. No joke. "But it's a square," you're saying. I know. Don't harsh my pillow buzz.

So my next project is bigger and better. A while back I started watching Sex & the City through Netflix to see just exactly what
kinds of naughty bits I had been missing by watching it late night style on UPN or whatever that channel calls itself these days. And early on I saw an episode in which SJP wears a cute little shirt dress. And it just looks so comfortable. And cute. Did I mention it looked cute? Yeah. So I bought a McCall's pattern (M5378) and some cheap starter fabric from JoAnns. And I'm going to make this:

And the good news is it will only take me, like, a year.

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