Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The price of "pretty:" the big splurge

As noted previously, on the spectrum of girlyness, I score embarrassingly low. But for reasons unbeknownst to me I've been having some very acute urges lately to acquire more symbols and tools of femininity.  For instance, I've only straightened my hair a handful of times ever but I've been fantasizing a lot lately about this little gadget.  At almost $100.00 it's a big spend on a hair product given my old reliable routine is a snagless elastic band and some hand moisturizer to reduce frizz.  The Chi would actually require me to dry my hair before leaving the house which deducts at least another ten minutes of potential sleepy time in the a.m.-  not to mention I might have to wash my hair more often.  Eesh.  But the videos!  Have you seen the curls?  And how easy it all looks. Honestly, as someone whose in-mirror, hand-eye coordination is less than agile- it's like watching someone remove their own kidney. It's captivating watching these girls twirl and crimp and twist and fluff.  I have no idea how they do it... but now I want to try.

That and I've become obsessed with finding the perfect hobo bag.  Yes, a hobo bag.  Upon uttering those words, anyone who knows me would think I've fallen prey to an invasion of the body snatchers, or better yet become a stepford wife but I'm serious.  I want this bag.  Or at least I think I do.  It's made locally which I like and I have at least one friend who has the bag and loves it.  But as much as I know the crafts(wo)manship is fantastic and it's both vegan-friendly and stylish, I have a hard time swallowing $125.00 for a purse.  I mean, I can fit my wallet in my back pocket (and have for years), my keys clip on to my belt loops (for an added, gypsy-jangle sound effect) and my cell phone creates a  modestly-sized bump in my pocket (which only kind of looks like a tiny penis).  So really, what do I need a purse for?  

Now you understand my problem.  The reality is, I want both the Chi and the hobo bag but the urge to buy these random lady accessories compete neck and neck with my need to eat food (sometimes out at fancy restaurants), drink hot chocolate regularly and buy many other [cheaper] splurgy things like books I won't read for months and small art that will go unframed until December.  So which is better: to occasionally buy pricey items that I've thought long and hard about but rarely have an direct impact on my quality of life or to treat myself on a regular basis to small, short-lived pleasantries that bring me equally short-term satisfaction?Tough call, if you ask me.

Image courtesy of marriedtothesea.com.

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megan said...

Salty - The comments do indeed appear to be working!

Ok, so here is what I meant to write earlier: I have recently been considering the exact same two things. The bag, if it's comfortable and useful would be worth it, but I have to wonder if I will use the straightening iron enough, or if I'll use it for a few weeks and put it away like a toy. I deserve toys? Right? I'm not sure about the answer to that question yet. This is what makes buying things difficult.