Sunday, June 15, 2008

All signs point to...

At frickin' last, right? The weather here has been less than inspiring but man oh man did someone turn the heat up yesterday. Mr.Mr. and I went garage sale-ing on Queen Anne to see if we could score some second-hand furniture but most of what we found was kid's stuff. Tiny clothes, tiny dishes for hollow, plastic, pint-sized kitchens and most of all... tiny people. Oddly, they weren't selling any of those... but one said tiny person was feeling the entreprenurial spirit of the season and aimed to turn a buck selling Lemanad. Yes, "lemanad." Sadly by the time we arrived at his tiny counter, he had retreated inside for a bathroom break (I imagine he'd been drinking away the company's profits all morning) so we couldn't imbibe. But what I love most really is the style of his handwriting. Lemonade is transformed somehow to something exciting and French. "Le Manad." Very French.

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