Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh my god, I've been saved!

YouTube to the rescue! As a non-girly girl I've never been the one with the best makeup, the cutest hair or the most fashionable clothes at a party. But it turns out there may still be hope for me yet, thanks to droves and droves of girls and women who have flocked to YouTube to post how tos and demonstrations. In a quick search I found:
How to curl your hair with a flat iron
How to create a smokey eye
How to dress up nicely
...Okay so that last one might be a bit out of my league but I think I could rock pink heels.

So this is great. It turns out I don't even need female friends anymore- I can just learn everything I need to know from the webernets. Mostly kidding of course, I've actually been looking for some help in the appearance department for some time now so I'll have to do a few trial runs to see how much of a hot mess I can make of myself. All in the name of fashion. Can't wait!

Just search on "how to" at YouTube to check out more tutorials.

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