Saturday, June 28, 2008

We're moving!

Just a quick announcement that Mr.Mr. and I have officially decided to pull up the stakes and move camp to the biggest little city south of Seattle. (No, not you Tacoma.) Portland! For those of you who may be getting tired of the very Puget Sound-centric coverage of news and events, this should be a relief. However, I can't promise there won't be a similar preponderance of posts focusing on Portland.

So if anyone has any tips, hints, job leads or good reads for the Portland, OR area- let me know. Our official move date will be no later than August 15th. Holy crap!


Uncle Beefy said...

OH...I'm jealous! It would seem that there's a bit of an exodus to PDX and I totally get it! There are some Portland Bloggers out there like Mrs. French at Bliss & journal. If I can think of any tips or hints I'll try to help out. Good luck with you new adventures! :)

Anonymous said...

Poor little east coast Portland never really had a chance...sigh.

Still wishing you well!