Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spontaneous growth

So I'm walking down the street and there's this entire block that was wiped out a few months back- entirely demolished to build yet another condo development... (if you need proof, just visit the blog dedicated completely to condos in Seattle) and now it's just a sidewalk and a parking lot. When they first tore everything down, it was obscenely depressing. Where my favorite bar and my least favorite convenience store once stood, a singular row of sad trees stood watch along the road. Lonely. And for weeks the slow progression from large pile of brick rubble and rebar to small shoved-aside piles of brick dust and concrete reminded me of a FEMA photo. And it smelled. Funny. Like what I would imagine post-war neighborhoods smell like. Vaguely toxic dust and particulate invaded your senses with every passing.

So. I'm walking down this block on the way home from work and there's this explosion of green that I notice at the base of one of these trees. It's english ivy and pale green buds all over the place. So I get confused. And I look around to check and see if someone has rerooted their errant houseplants in the beds of these sidewalks. But I don't think they did. I think it's just spontaneous growth.

And isn't that a fantastic concept? It's about time I found me some of that.

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