Sunday, June 8, 2008

Seriously, how great?

Ugh! I am killing myself that I missed out on this great little print. I've been lax lately about checking in on some of my super-secret-squirrel sites for affordable art and I'm definitely paying the price. This print, "Bear in Socks and Gloves" was offered up by ghostpatrol on Tiny Showcase a couple of weeks back and I so love it. I've seen plenty of variations on children as animals in the last couple of years but this puppetry take is very clever, indeed. To seek out some of your own affordable art, visit these great sites that regularly post new work at totally reasonable prices:
Tiny Showcase (they update weekly and a portion of each sale goes to charity)
Weheartprints (sometimes less affordable but no less amazing)
20 x 200 (you pick the price, $20, $200 or $2000)
Blue Flip Art (for the more graphic art & design types)
Where do you go to get your art on?

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