Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is getting ridiculous. I don't sew. I mean, I have sewn before. Like, twice. I made a comforter cover and a Halloween costume/dress and- OH, wait! Three times! Er, well, I really assisted more on the third. But I can pin and iron like a machine. Anyway. While out and about yesterday I popped into both The Bouncing Wall (post to follow once I get better photos) and Nancy's Sewing Basket. And what do I find but the most crazy awesome fabric.

It's a silk/wool blend in a stunning gun metal-ish, flecked grey, bordered on one side with a dynamic repeating leaf pattern in a very brilliant red. And it's only $75.00 a yard. Remove jaw from floor. Reattach.

To buy one piddly yard of this beautiful fabric would be the equivalent of:

  • a week's groceries
  • a tank and a half of gas
  • a 5-piece set of our wedding china (on sale)
  • a week's lunches out at the bakery for me and Mr.Mr.
  • four months of Netflix
  • and so much more...

So I will abstain. Because the duvet cover I have in mind would require over five yards and that is an obscene expense for something I don't actually need. Not to mention I would likely put off the project for another four months. And besides, if we're talking about the equivalent value of $375.00, I can think of at least a few things I'd rather spend it on.

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