Friday, June 6, 2008

Why buy a condo anywhere else? (Ting!)

One of the local comercials that quickly infiltrated my brain like the nauseating earworm it is, is the ubiquitous Sleep Country promo. The slightly husky chanteuse ponders, "Sleep Country, U.S.A-A., Why buy a mat-tress a-nywh-ere else?" followed immediately by that sound clip advertisers use to denote shiny, white teeth or sparkling clean toilet bowls. And lately, I can't help but sing to myself a slightly adjusted version that makes me equally as nauseated: Crane City, U.S.A-A., Why buy a con-do a-nywh-ere else? What's up with you, Seattle?

This image, care of Beaster725 very clearly demonstrates the construction madness that has overcome the city. I count not one, not two, not three, but FOUR cranes in the one photo alone. What's worse is that on the average day I can see (from the 7th floor) between 6 and 14 cranes towering above the skyline.

How is this even possible? The Dow is down, gas is up and the next thing you know, people will be researching milk as an alternative fuel since it's the only thing still cheaper than oil. Homes are no longer lingering on the market, they're withering. So riddle me this: who, exactly are all these condos being built for? And of these new developments I've spotted at least two Senior Living centers a mere fifth of a mile apart from each other among them. Aren't senior citizens on average, less well-off than younger people and don't they hate things like city noise and... and... AND? Come on.

If anyone has some insight on this, please... pray tell.

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