Thursday, July 17, 2008

To Twitter or not to Twitter

A lot of the blogs I read have been moving in the direction of beefing up their arsenal of communication tools through services like Twitter, and Digg. From what I can tell, Twitter provides snippets of blog posts and other such musings delivered directly to your handheld device while and Digg are spider-web-like sites that allow people to associate themselves with sites/photos/stories etc. that they enjoy. My impression is it's like having a giant scrapbook for all the crap you see online that is cool or interesting that you want people to know you think is cool or interesting. But I'm starting to seriously wonder if all of these web communication applications are sabotaging our real relationships by circumventing the types of conversations we should be having with our friends and family in person? Or at a minimum by email or on the phone...?

Show of hands. What do you think? Talk amongst yourselves in the comments if you like.


Mary T. said...

I was twittering for awhile and finally gave it up. I think it works better for people who know each other personally -- it becomes a kind of IM for them that they can broadcast. I found it pretty boring. Half the time I had no idea what any of my twitter followers/followees were even talking about since half the time I was missing out on half of their conversations, if that makes sense.

I am on LinkedIn but have been turning down requests to join more online stuff like that. Too much out there and I think it's reaching diminishing returns.

Here I am talking to myself...

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree. While I like a lot of communication with my friends and family, I think it's really limited to that. The amount of information online is already overwhelming. Thanks for the thoughts. :)