Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday secrets

PostSecret is one of my favorite blogs and while I try to avoid the webernets (and computers altogether) on the weekends, I can't help but feel a little bit like a kid on Christmas morning every Sunday as I cruise over to the site to see what new beans are waiting to be spilled. These two are today's favorites for different reasons.

If you're not familiar with PostSecret it's a fascinating site where individual post cards are displayed that have been sent in anonymously from people around the world. On each card the sender spells out a secret, sometimes artistically rendered, sometimes in shockingly simple black and white text. Some are hopeful, others are hopeless. Some are funny and some are more heartbreaking than a Greek tragedy or any of Shakespeare's best stuff. Most of it is inspiring.

As someone with a few secrets up her sleeve, I had considered sending in a few postcards myself over the first year or so of lurking on the site. But I never sent any. Eventually I found that the honesty and courage of strangers helped me to feel more resolute in the decision to share my deepest secrets with Mr.Mr. when the time was right. I had become convinced over time that without the honesty between us, our relationship would quietly suffer as I had for not having an outlet. And we now share secrets on a regular basis. Not every single one of them is earth shatteringly severe but I take comfort in knowing that I have nothing to fear anymore.

Take a look. Go now. It will be hard not to feel an instant kinship when you read a secret that belongs to you as well.

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