Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sexy brown

I've moved on from purses... Now I've got a craving for these gorgeous brown leather wallets.  And at only ::choke:: $120... what should stop me, right?  You can't put a price on beauty, can you?

I love the hand drawn (and laser etched) landscapes (by Peter-John de Villiers) like nobody's business.  I've been looking for a nice wallet for Mr.Mr. (to replace the one that has become so distended with age that it has created a memory foam-like indent on his right ass cheek), but it needs more than just one pocket for cash and credit cards.  We roll big over at the Chez Salty.  Okay, not really- but I'll have to keep looking for now.  Sigh.

Maybe I could use one of these hot little numbers in the mean time to hold my business cards?  $85.00 is, in fact, less than $120.  Right?

Oh and a big shout out to Mary T. for sending me in the direction of MoCo Loco where I found these.

Photos courtesy of Makr.

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