Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Anti-Phone call

Fresh on the heels of my pondering if I'm not in touch with my friends and family enough, is news of a service that would cut out the chit chat entirely.  MobileSphere is a cell phone company out of Boston, MA that has recently released a service that eliminates the ring tone middleman and sends your calls straight to voicemail.  Slydial allows you to make all those phone calls that you can't avoid (distant relatives birthdays, ex-friends, or that guy you gave your number to after three tequila shooters at TGIFridays), but have no desire to make.  Just dial 267-SLY-DIAL and the dirty work is done without a single jingle of their phone.

I could totally see this being useful and I don't doubt MobileSphere will make some serious bank.  In a city where a vast majority of calls go out to apologetically flake out on plans, I'd say there's a undeniable market.  Not that I'd ever do that.  Salty's just so tired, and you know... she has a lot to do tomorrow.  Next time?

News courtesy of Slashdot.

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