Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good vs. Evil

Mr.Mr. and I recently rented The King of Kong: a Fistful of Quarters on the recommendation of a friequaintance (that's a half friend, half acquaintance) and man, do you HAVE to see this movie. The documentary revolves around a series of events in arcade gaming history in 2003 when average-joe, Steve Weibe challenged old school super-geek, Billy Mitchell to a Donkey Kong duel for the Guinness Book of World Records title of Top Scorer.

Suffice to say I haven't seen a bad guy like Billy Mitchell in a long time. He manages to pull off a cocky swagger despite his manly mullet and conspires to thrash the hopes of Wiebe at every turn; stooping to manipulative and calculated maneuvers that will make your stomach turn. His uberAmerican attitude is rivaled in strangeness only by his peculiar line of business selling hot sauces under someone else's name. Totally weird.

Weibe on the other hand is the clear underdog cum hero. He is honest, hard-working, and supported by an adorable family of wife and kids whose desire to see him succeed is unrivaled even by Steve's own ambitions. Plus, I love that he's a local.  I've been fighting the urge to send him a postcard that reads, "Billy Mitchell is a douche bag.  You rule."

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