Sunday, July 27, 2008

Second careers

A mutual friend of Mr.Mr.'s and mine recently celebrated his 31st birthday by throwing a full-on Mexico themed party in his backyard. He trucked in some sand, bought two pinatas, stocked the bar with tequila and prepared a taco stand replete with steak and stuffings. I drank some, gorged myself on pinata meat (candy) and enjoyed the feeling of sand through my toes without even having to sport a bathing suit.
Sadly, I think my fallback career as a major league pitcher isn't going to happen. I didn't even graze the pinata once out of four tries.

It looks like I'm destined to rely on my fallback, fallback career of luchador. I can scrap with the best of them.


Miriam said...

You really know how to make a sister proud. Nice beer-mask combo. Maybe I should link you up to Mom. Smooches.

Anonymous said...

Hey- luchadores make a TON of cash. And I heard they only drink beer too. No really, it's how they get to be so strong.
Smooches to you too pooches.