Thursday, July 10, 2008

More than just fritos

No, you're not seeing things... they've actually [finally] opened a full-scale supermarket in downtown Seattle.  I happened by it the other day on the way back from the post office and was startled to see a bank of escalators heading underground that didn't end at a bus depot.  In fact, the 18,000 square foot basement of the renovated Kress Building has become an IGA operated by a Whidbey island management group.  Yay for not selling out completely to QFC or Safeway!  

What's best about this development is that the hard bodies who work out at Epicenter fitness next door can finally eat something other than an ultra iso whey protein shake.  Perhaps we'll see a decrease in roid rage at the 4th and Pike bus shelter.

Really though it's nice to see a real food option downtown not only for the true city dwellers but for office workers not interested in shelling out $10 - $15 for a sandwich.  Having traveled in Europe and Asia, urban grocery markets are a must-have in any dense, metropolitan area and it's kind of hard to imagine we've gone this long without one.  Good work, Seattle.

Photo courtesy of Jdong on Flickr.

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