Monday, July 7, 2008


The night before my wedding I had a wee bit of a breakdown. I was having a late dinner and drinks before with friends and family and I became literally overwhelmed. In the truest sense. I couldn't really discern what it was all about beyond that I was frustrated with virtually everyone and that I wasn't supposed to be that upset. Mr.Mr. ended up staying at our apartment with me that night and while that helped calm my nerves significantly, it didn't do crap for my post cry-a-thon puffy eyes.

The next morning while my sisters, my mom and I got our hair cut, blown, back-combed and bobby-pinned at Derby Salon in Wallingford, I wondered exactly how I might reduce the signs of my breakdown before the 4pm ceremony. Fortunately, one of my sisters had been planning to pick up some Zia Essential Eye Gel from the Whole Foods next door and she thought it might help with my post-meltdown mess. And did it ever. It's about $24.00 in the store (and am I ever pissed to find it for $14.00 and eligible for Amazon Prime!) and with two quick applications of the slightly zingy gel, my eyelids quickly deflated. I'm so not a $24.00 eye gel kind of girl but as someone who's prone to off the chart emotions, anything that makes my mood swings less obvious to the outside world is totally worth it.

So if you're prone to ballooning eyelids after a particularly sad movie, weepy argument or while PMSing, I can happily endorse a dose of Zia's eye gel. It sure beats cold spoons.

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