Sunday, October 12, 2008


I don't know about you but I'm thinking this is a "third strike and you're out" sort of scenario. I know as an avid blog reader, very little frustrates me more than an endless string of excuses about why there are no entries. I mean, really. Don't bloggers know that I'm hanging on their every word? That it's part of my day to spend time on their site and it's their job to entertain me? I mean there are a skibbidygillion blogs out there on the interwebs and I chose to grant them at least ten minutes of my [semi]undivided attention, so they owe it to me to post regularly. Right? ...Not so much.

Well- facts are that life has gotten busier, nights shorter, and my social life perceptibly closer to flatlining- and I just don't have the steam lately to keep swinging the bat here. My brain keeps generating [presumably] clever ideas for topics and I've even been toting around ye old digital camera in an effort to round out what little text actually makes it onto the site. But I'm running on little more than fumes at this point.

So I'm taking an official break. No more of this, "ooohhh I'm so sorry, life is hard but I'll be better about writing next week" business. I've got to buckle down and see if I can work out some sort of plan to resuscitate my salty side. Do me a favor and check back in a couple of weeks. I'm convinced our little love story isn't over yet. Until then my salty friends.

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