Thursday, October 16, 2008

You have no events scheduled today.

Ain't that the truth my Google Calendar friend. Did you feel that warm front that came through? 'Cause I'm shaking off the frost and coming back from hibernation just a few months early.
That's right, Salty got laid off on Tuesday. ...I know, I can hardly believe it myself. In keeping with my low-profile coverage of anything work-related, I'm not gonna say much beyond the following three lessons learned:

1. It absolutely stinks to have a great opportunity for growth and experience, only to have it cut short before you can fully realize and demonstrate your potential to seriously kick butt.
2. Timing truly can be everything.
And 3. Never underestimate the effects of negativity. Sometimes the shadow of an event or person can linger, and its darkness can do a lot to block out the light you bring.

That being said, I feel very fortunate to have had the time at the BMO that I did. I met some of the most driven, intelligent people I've come across in my professional career. And after spending a lot of time thinking about it, I think the crux of the difference is the concept of "service," and how a real prominent sense of service drives people to perform at a higher standard than others. I'll miss the challenge, the variety, and the people (in no specific order), and I'm truly disappointed.

BUT. But, my friends. ...There's always a but (and this one is big). I've got until Friday. Until Friday at noon, I can cry, rant, sleep for hours in the middle of the day, have angry outbursts, eat too much chocolate, drink too much wine, make small impulse purchases at the checkout of Fred Meyer, and curse at the gods all I want. And then I have to get to move on. Mr.Mr. and I talked a lot about it and while his initial suggestion was end of day, Wednesday... in the end, we decided it was more realistic to aim for Friday. And really, setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Relevant, and Time-based goals is the best path to success. (That's a little work-based joke for ya.) I get to sulk, mope, and grieve for a specific amount of time, and then he and I will sit on that bulging suitcase, jump up and down on the lid, and I'll latch that baby tight before sending it off into the ether.

There are new, different, and exciting opportunities on the horizon. Keep up, little salties- we're movin' on.

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