Friday, October 17, 2008

Roasty toasty

Now that we have our very own patio with a complimentary dirt patch, I can't stop daydreaming of infinite ways to throw money down the drain at outdoor amenities and seasonal decor. First it was grass- which mostly worked until I realized buying tike-sized garden tools did save me money... but not enough to account for the push-mower I'd need once the grass actually grew. Then it was the hammock- which quickly went out of style when I realized we might pull down the fence with the weight of one body.

Now, I want this little ditty to heat up those gusty fall nights and satisfy my year-round cravings for smores. Not to mention the smell of a real fire gives a girl a nice, outdoorsy je ne sais quoi, non? So my real question is- does being unemployed give me a one-time pass to buy the cheapo version offered at... eh- gasp! Walmart? I know, I know. I swear to god I haven't shopped there since Bonne Bell lip gloss was the "it" thing on my list, but really... a girl's gotta be spend thrifty, right?

Okay, some of you are furrowing your brows, hands on hips, just waiting to point out that in an economic pinch, an outdoor fire pit would absolutely qualify as an unjustified expense. And I agree. Except that it would be so cool, right? I mean, come on. Think of it this way- if we go completely broke and can barely pay our rent but can't afford electricity to heat our apartment... problem solved, right?

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I believe that any fire-related, grill-type equipment qualifies as a justifiable expense. I only question this particular model's ability to grill anything useful. Meat, for instance. I get that it does s'mores, and therefore it probably does hot dogs. But don't you want to invest in something that can handle a T-Bone...or at least a burger!?!

Remember, this is not just about aesthetics. It is also about meat. Good luck, friend.