Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sugar... aww Honey, Honey

Having married into the Mr. clan, I count myself among the fortunate few to have a bonafide bee keeper in the family. Not only do we regularly enjoy a variety of new honeys at the holidays and special events but we were also able to offer small jars of a lavender varietal as gifts to our wedding guests. A sweet treat indeed. But now we face a challenge. You see, while it's widely known that honey makes almost anything better from pungent cheeses to tea- we can't seem to get through it fast enough. And to add to our dilemma, Mr.Mr. won some [significantly less high quality] honey in a silent auction some time ago.

So I'm wondering: What do you do with your honey? Do you have any recipes up your sleeves, on the internet, or in a reputable cookbook that would require anywhere from a 1/4 cup or more?

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Anonymous said...

I use a lot of honey by adding it to plain yogurt. I take a scoop of plain yogurt, put some fresh or frozen fruit chunks on top and then pour hot honey on top. You can also add toasted nuts or coconut. I have gotten to the point that I really don't like the flavor and texture of regular yogurt anymore.

May I also suggest Lemon Honey Jelly (from Rodale 1986):
Boil 3/4 C lemon juice with 2 C honey. Add 1/2 C liquid fruit pectin (Certo) while stirring. Return to rolling boil and boil 2 minutes. Ladle into sterilized half-pint jars while still hot. Seal jars and process in hot water bath for 5 minutes. (Perhaps add some lavender flowers right before ladling into jars?)

I have never done it, but you could also make your own honey mustard, too. Rodale says to simmer 1/3 C honey, 3/4 C dry mustard, 1 C cider vinegar and 3 eggs in a double boiler for 8-10 min. You can seal and process as above, or probably just store in fridge. Sounds easy, and homemade mustard would be pretty kickass.

Have fun!