Friday, September 19, 2008

The joy of not cooking

One of the perks of exploring a new city is trying out new local cuisine. We've been enjoying plenty of good eats but lets begin with Vindalho, an Indian restaurant a few short miles from our house on SE Clinton street. The decor is a bit on the extreme industrial end upon first impression but the seats are comfy and the service is friendly which more than makes up for the massive distance between you and the ceiling. Meeting with two friends, Mr.Mr. and I shared some thin, crisp (sadly, read: fried) crackers called Poppadom with a tamarind sauce and two orders of nan in anticipation of our entrees. My weakness for all things cheese immediately lead me to the Roasted Pepper and Paneer Curry while Mr.Mr. partook of the Kochi Chicken... and "satisfied" doesn't begin to describe it.

You'll have to try it for yourself but I'll tell you right now my top compliments go to Vindalho for serving perfectly-sized portions. My paneer curry came with probably nine perfectly toasted cubes of Indian cheese and a modest pyramid of basmati rice as an accompaniment. Even the nan was far more manageable fitting perfectly on a [approx.] 14" plate. All present were pleasantly full without that pain that typically follows a great meal. It could have been slightly cheaper but I have a hard time putting a price on great food that doesn't rely on quantity to demonstrate its quality.

Oh and recently they were listed as one of the top 101 "best restaurants in the NW" by Ultimate Northwest magazine. Hip hip hooray for them!

2038 SE Clinton Street
Portland, Oregon 97202
Photo courtesy of Vindalho.

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