Saturday, September 13, 2008

Don't miss it: Portland

I've been soooo behind in keeping up with my little salties but I have a fun event to reward you for all your patience. Drop whatever plans you have tonight and go to the grand opening of Ink & Peat. On one of our last exploratory trips to Portland before we officially relocated (you know, back when we were using Crate and Barrel boxes as tables...), we stopped by Pam's shop on the suggestion of my sister-in-law and we were wowed. What a beautiful place. I took some quick snapshots just to get a feel for the space but never got around to posting them. So at long last, here they are. Ink & Peat is a great little shop specializing in fresh flower arrangements and home sundries ranging from sweet soaps to clever antique-style containers and baubles. I love it.

To top it all off, Mr.Mr. even found something to satisfy his growing interest in home design/furniture in a book called, "Old House, New Home." You can pick up a copy at Ink & Peat or vicariously enjoy Pam's fantastic taste in books at a distance and pick one up at a store near you.

I'm going to swing by to say hello and you should too if you're in the area. Here are all the details:

Ink & Peat 3808 N Williams Ave, Suite 126 Portland, OR 97227

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