Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Seriously? How much do you love it?

I am so completely addicted and I love watching people completely transform themselves. I'd take that over some McMansion Factory show any day. Not to mention Ty Pennington is totally made of plastic. (For the record I find it really odd that he went from Trading Spaces hottie to over-tanned, empowered handy man in the space of like, three years.)

I can even get past the obscene level of endorsement from 24 hour fitness by way of their ubiquitous corporate logo and fervent foisting of the bodybugg on their overweight contestants. Because ultimately it's an opportunity of a lifetime to get some to beat your butt so hard that you drop an average of 10+ pounds weekly. Oh, and there's that gagnormous monetary prize too. That should at least cover the cost of a year's worth of continued support from a personal trainer, which, let's be honest- is basically what it requires to lose and maintain the loss of that substantial an amount of weight.

I myself have been trying to work out more regularly and can't imagine what kind of dedication it must take to keep up with that type of regimen when I can hardly drag myself onto the elliptical machine more than a few times a week. But god bless 'em for getting up there in front of the entire nation (and anybody else with fantastic satellite signals), wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and the occasional ill-fitting sports bra. I'll be watching every week, guilty pleasures be damned.

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