Thursday, August 14, 2008

Separation anxiety

Normally, I'm like a teenager in the morning.  The alarm goes off- I hit snooze four or five times and thrash around in bed,in complete denial of my obligation to start the day.  Occasionally, I've taken to showering, getting dressed, and then laying back down in bed for just a few more minutes.  That or I'll skip the shower (knowing full well I'm pushing the boundaries of appropriately slick hair) just to steal an extra thirteen beautiful minutes of rest before I make the trek into work.  Needless to say, I'm not an all a morning person. So you can tell there's something on my mind when I wake up at 7:15am and can't force myself back to sleep. Trust me... I tried.

Even though I knew it was coming-  I'm a little alarmed to realize that tomorrow is my last day of work.  I'll be boxing up my stuff, gingerly moving plants, and taking down my certificates from the wall to tote home.  And I think it's just plain weird.  At three years (almost to the day), my most recent job is the longest running position I've had yet and I find it sort of amazing I made it that long at all.  I won't bother you all with details, but it's been a roller coaster ride with a few steep descents and some unbelievably dizzying turns. Knowing all that, I don't think I expected to feel so odd about it.  I think that more than having a new apartment... more than scheduling the movers or the rental truck reservation... this is when it starts to feel real.  And real is the kind of nerve-wracking stuff that keeps you awake in the morning.

On a side note, Mr.Mr. and I both had second interviews with two great companies on Tuesday.  We won't hear until next week what the verdicts are but I'm really proud to be seeing these sorts of results so early on in our respective searches.  We're really good candidates for a number of positions but the job market is not so hot down south.  As the family budget mistress, Mr.Mr. is taking me on my word that we'll be fine without work for a few months, but I know having a position lined up on the horizon might help assuage some of his fears about the Portland market.  And that sort of peace of mind is what will help him sleep past his alarm. 

Cross your fingers for us?

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