Sunday, August 3, 2008

PDX part two: gratuitous paper shots

I don't need any more paper. I don't need any more ribbon. And I most definitely don't need any more greeting cards that I can barely stand to send for fear the recipient won't truly treasure it as much as I did while it gathered dust in my desk organizer.

All that being said- I do love me some paper. And ribbon. And cards. So Oblation Papers & Press is a great place to indulge. It was almost two years ago when Mr.Mr. and I were just about heading out of town and on our way home when I spotted that ever-alluring word on a storefront that nearly stops my heart: Paper. Fortunately, even then, Mr.Mr. knew better than to stand between me and that fantastic fibrous drug. That love affair has been raging since long before he came along and as the smart man he is, he knows when he's fighting a losing battle.

This time around I picked up a couple of small bits and pieces including a housewarming card to celebrate our new place, and a smart little note pad with a rather inspiring quote on the front. It reads, "Have you begun today what you want to be tomorrow?" I'm thinking it will be a nice place for Mr.Mr. and I to write short notes to ourselves and each other in the mornings before work. I'm not sure if the practice will stick but I think this move is a great opportunity to work on starting some really great new habits. Ones that will encourage us to focus our time and energy into building a great new life for ourselves together.

...That and to buy lots of new paper.

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