Thursday, November 6, 2008

Market fresh

If you live in Portland- tell me... promise me you'll go to the Saturday Farmer's Market down at PSU. Mr.Mr. and I have been enjoying this visual feast for the last two months and I'm convinced it's the best place to be on a Saturday morning- hands down. Having endeavored to make the pilgrimage from Capitol Hill to Ballard Farmer's Market every Sunday when we lived in Seattle, we were die-hard market fans before we moved and have been so happy to find a thriving agricultural outlet locally.

Best of all, there's a congregation of vendors in the center of the square that sell fresh meals in the way of soups, biscuits, sausages, tamales, etc. Our favorites by far are Tastebud's fire roasted bagels with fixin's and Pine State Biscuits with their assortment of sweet and savory toppings. On our last trip, I enjoyed a sesame bagel with plain cream cheese, topped with sliced pears. Crisp and slightly sweet, but definitely second-rate in comparison with my favorite: plain cream cheese, cilantro pesto, and fresh tomato slices. The tomatoes are always so bright and succulent that I can't resist their wet, rubescent glow. ...Ew. Something about that sentence creeps me out. Anyway. I wish tomato season would never end.

So if you want to support local farmers and food producers (lest we forget the bee keepers, vintners, and chocolatiers)- check it out. November through December 20th, the market runs from 9:30am - 2:00pm in the South Park blocks between SW Harrison & Montgomery. Go forth and build that food pyramid.

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