Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A storm's a brewin'

A BRAINstorm, that is. I've been trying to think of a clever business name to successfully umbrella all the craft things I've been making or thinking of making lately. I'm also considering which small-sales website to use for said business (i.e. Etsy [again], or Big Cartel, or some other site) and how best to garner some attention and sales. And as I tried desperately to fall asleep last night (three- count them, three hours after downing a vietnamese coffee milkshake with chocolate syrup*) I wondered- do most people brainstorm with their eyes open or closed?

I lay there, eyes closed, thinking that was half way to sleep, right? And realized that I may actually be more creative with my eyes open... able to look around me for inspiration with colors, real items, words, etc. So that got me thinking: What are the elements of a perfect BRAINstorm for you? How do you come by your best ideas?

*I'm still recovering from the tonsillectomy, okay- I'm allowed to eat anything I want! ...As long as it's pureed.

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