Sunday, June 28, 2009

What are the chances

...I'll be able to convince Mr.Mr. to wear this to our next summer social gathering? Maybe it's the East Coaster in me, the part that thinks a mauve, oxford, button-down shirt and grey, lightweight, argyle sweater is entirely acceptable as evening wear (with the sleeves pushed up to three-quarters and the cuffs rolled around the sweater- of course)... but I'm digging on this. Perfect for an afternoon game of croquet, n'est pas?
Found via What Consumes Me, originally on Kempt.


Salty said...

How awesome is it/creepy Big Brother, that the minute I posted this, an ad came up in the blogger dashboard for Brooks Brothers? Hmm... which "key" word do you think it was? Preppy... East Coast... Oxford?

Very apropos. Good day to you Google. I said "Good Day."

Anonymous said...