Friday, May 8, 2009

Work in progress

I've recently been trying to learn how to balance my desire to be fit (eat right, go for walks, go to the gym, sleep enough)- with my desire to be creative (stay up late, snack intermittently, watch tv while I work, stay indoors huddled over my table). You would think I could do both but strangely I have yet to master that. It seems my window of opportunity for any type of forward momentum (be it physical or mental/creative), is a rather small one that typically occurs during sunlight hours. I've tried all types of routines lately... each for more than a couple of weeks and at least one for almost a month. To no avail. You would think with all the time in the world on my hands I could sort out my own circadian rhythm- but it eludes me still.

In the meantime I've begun work on a new collage. It's anchored in a photo of three small girls standing together, and I started sketching out an idea for it in my moleskin about three months ago. Finally, the piece is slowly coming to fruition. Here's a sneak peek at the subjects... more to follow once it's complete.

I love the little girl on the left. She's got a massive mess of hair framing her face and if you could see the rest of the image, you'd be charmed by her proud rotundness as she stands with hands tucked neatly behind her tilted torso. The girl on the right reminds me of a young Jackie Onassis. And it's hard to tell but the eldest of the three has the slightest smile playing across her lips that I rather enjoy as well. Potential a plenty.

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