Friday, December 5, 2008

Jet setting with Salty (Part IV, Section II)

Taking in the sights at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, we enjoyed the special exhibit of Martin Puryear's wood sculptures as well as the highly entertaining interactive components of The Art of Participation. I definitely recommend both... and this is from the Fine Art major who typically lasts all of thirty minutes max at some of the most esteemed museums and galleries.

I have to admit though, I was taken with the gift shop. Mr.Mr. gets the MOMA catalog from time to time and I typically shrug it off as hawking over-priced knick knacks. But some of their stuff was altogether too cool to avoid taking note of to share with you all. I wasn't able to find all my favorites on their site so I had to do some sleuthing. But here you are:

Edamame Chopstick Rests
found on Dean and Deluca
5 for $35.00
Cast iron molded with a green
patina finish.
-Cute and affordable.

found on Seletti's site (Italy)
$16.00, $20.00, & $40.00 respectively
Porcelain with silicone gaskets
-These would make great sugar, flour, and
brown sugar containers for the counter top.

Soehnle Page Digital Kitchen Scale
-We have a red theme going on in our
kitchen and this slim jim would fit
in perfectly. AND I could finally
measure out 3 oz. of ginger

Cubix Lamp by Catherine Mui
available through the SF MOMA
-I love that this is interactive. The
design is relatively simple but the
execution is brilliant. Literally.

I am not a paper cup
-A little twist on DuChamp's classic... I like the idea but I'm not sure I could hang with the chalky-feeling, matte finish. I imagine difficulty in cleaning it and stains a plenty. Nonetheless quite cool.

Bleached Oak Cuckoo Clock
found through Yahoo! at SF MOMA
-This tones down your traditional ornate cuckoo clock and reiterates
the popular nature silhouette I've been seeing a lot lately. I might paint
mine black or some other singular color though.

Hansel & Gretel illustrated by the fabulous Jen Corace
found on
-Ms. Corace has a way with colors and her drawings are captivating. I can imagine any child enjoying this new rendition of a classic favorite. I also enjoyed the Drop & Splash bowls ($12.00 each), the Double Bowl ($34.00) and a set of clever Happy Holidays and Non-Holidays cards- customizable for the occasion (6/$14) from Quiplip.

And finally, Part V, the final leg of our San Francisco trip will post soon.

All photos care of the credited websites.

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